Blue Janus FINISHED!!!!

Blue Janus Finished
Blue Janus Finished

Another quilt is finished. This one didn’t take very long, aside from the cutting, but it was a monster to deal with. The binding took me a long time. I probably spent 10 hours on the binding alone.

This is a gift for one of the nephews. Hope he likes it.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Blue Janus FINISHED!!!!”

  1. Beautiful! I love the simplicity and all the shades of blue. What a lucky kid! I’m sure he’ll love it.

    Why was the binding so bad? Is it just that big?

  2. Jen,
    I enjoy doing binding, but this quilt was a huge monster and the hand sewing just took forever. Nothing terrible. I think I should have made the binding a little wider, but live and learn. Thanks for reading.

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