Sketching #88

CPP Response #88: Marble
CPP Response #88: Marble

I had a talk with my mom, who has been a drawing teacher in her past, about wanting to learn to improve my drawings. My dilemna is that I want to learn to improve my drawings and I don’t want to learn what normal drawing teachers want to teach me.

My Young Man made some comment and my mom (his grandma) said that I had always wanted to learn this way, that I wanted to get into a topic myself with minimal direction and then get specific help. She continued that she thought that is why I had always been bored in school.

I thought it was interesting to hear my mom’s take on my life, even a small slice, and to hear her having this discussion with my Young Man while I was sitting right there.

Anyway, she gave me some tips, which I will try out. She also said that she could see the improvement in my work, which turned out to be a much needed boost to my ego.

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