Quilt Class Sampler Blocks

Sawtooth Star
Sawtooth Star

This post is kind of a roundup of the good and the bad. No ugly today, as I use GREAT fabric. 😉

This Sawtooth Star block is one I use to teach Flying Geese. I love the Dutchman’s Puzzle block, but think starting students out with 4 Flying Geese as opposed to 8+ is much kinder.

The larger blocks are weird for me to make, because I like to make 6″ or 8″ blocks mostly. The good thing about making these giant blocks is that there is a lot of potential for fussy cutting and the Big Plain Jane print worked really well in this block. I tried to position the flower a little off center to add a bit of interest while not showcasing the white flower that is near the red flower on the print. I am really pleased with how cheerful this blocks looks. I am glad I am working in a turquoise/aqua and red palette.

Card Trick
Card Trick

The Card Trick block is a great block for practicing triangles. It includes both half and quarter square triangles. If you haven’t tried the Card Trick, it is a great block as long as you pick the right fabrics. I, as you can see, did not build in enough contrast between the background and the light fabrics.  There are a lot of seams and triangles in this block and you have to lay it out and piece carefully, because it is easy to get mixed up.

As I work on this project I see these blocks set on point with red cornerstones. We’ll see as the time gets closer.

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4 thoughts on “Quilt Class Sampler Blocks”

  1. Two of my favorite blocks. I particularly like Card Trick because it lets you mix up fabrics that you wouldn’t necessarily jam next to each other otherwise (this is what I like about the Chinese Lantern log cabin lay out and the currently-popular Plus Sign quilt design as well.)

    1. I keep looking at the plus sign quilts and really liking them. They are put together like the Interlocking triangles and require lots of planning. I think I will wait to put one on my list until I am done with a few other things on my list.

      1. I’ve noticed that there are two versions out there. One uses rectangle and squares and requires not only a lot of planning, but is really difficult to sew in chunks. You can do it in chunks to a small extent but ultimately it has to be sewn together in rows. The other is made only with squares, and although it still requires a lot of planning, it would be easier to chunk it together. I, of course, made myself miserable by using the rectangles and squares approach for both of the ones I made…

  2. It seems to me that a plus sign quilt could be made using 9patches. You would still have to plan, but it seems like it might be manageable. Of course, this observation is only from looking at them and not actually seriously pondering construction.

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