Renewed Jelly Roll Race

Jelly Roll Race
Jelly Roll Race

This is the piece that I started with. As you might remember, I wasn’t very happy with it. It doesn’t have enough interest to continue with it as a quilt. Still, I suffered through all of those long seams, so I didn’t want to discard it. And the fabric is nice.

Jelly Roll Diamonds
Jelly Roll Diamonds

Not sure why, but I decided to cut the piece into diamonds. I worked on that over the weekend. I now have about 158 diamonds, which I intend to sash with something and then resew together.

I also was able to use my diamond ruler again. I got good use out of it for FOTY 2010, but since then it has been languishing.

Now that all of the diamonds are cut, my next task is to figure out a sashing color. I want something that will be different enough so that the diamonds don’t bleed into the sashing.Β  I want them to be distinct.

I won’t be able to achieve that goal completely, but I was thinking white and the portable design wall does a good job showing how that will look. I did a FB poll on my page and on the FB page(are you a member??) and on Twitter. So far, people like the white, but chocolate and black have also been suggested. Not sure I have enough of a chocolate fabric to sew the whole piece together, but I definitely have enough for a test. I also have a nice piece of black from the Pure Elements line that I can try.

Stack of Jelly Roll Diamonds
Stack of Jelly Roll Diamonds

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12 thoughts on “Renewed Jelly Roll Race”

      1. Say something about something? Okay, because of YOU I bought FOUR Moda Jelly Rolls that were on sale for $27.30 each. πŸ˜› I totally blame YOU for this, of course. πŸ˜€

        This company is new to me…Green Fairy Quilts. I bought three different solids and one multi pack of rainbow-ish colors. They also had several different print families for sale too.

        I will send you my CC bill next month. hehehehe

        1. HAHA! I only give out information; I do not force you to act on it. Listen to Katie’s Quilting Corner podcast episode about rolling the lint from Jelly Rolls. Very helpful. Now go make something!

  1. I agree with Tanesha – brilliant idea to cut them up. Loved the line in your original post about Disasters with an Audience – couldn’t you just hear Maggie Smith saying that?

  2. Good save! Man that was ugly! I seem to remember someone saying once that if you still don’t like the fabric, you have not cut it small enough! The diamonds are 100% improvement.
    Do you have any more of that pale grey with white dots you used for FOTY?

    and remember to consider red as a neutral.


    1. I do like the fabric, but the whole Jelly Roll Race idea is weird, though I think Tanesha’s ( idea of cutting off 20″ of the first strip is a good one. I do have more of the Ta Dot and will try that as a background as well.

      Red. Hhhmmm. Good idea.

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