Jelly Roll Race

Jelly Roll Race
Jelly Roll Race

At the September BAMQG meeting, Claudia mentioned the Jelly Roll Race as an activity for the meeting. I liked the idea, but wasn’t that enthusiastic about doing it for an activity at a meeting. I like to sew slowly and my machine has been behaving badly lately, which sounded like a recipe for disaster. I am not one for Disasters with an Audience. Still, as I said, I liked the idea.

I know I said I was done with precuts, but, apparently, I can’t help myself. I bought a Terrain Jelly Roll and began the process on my own. Later, I saw an explanation of how the process should work and I was interested to see that the writer suggests mitering the strips together.

For a person who doesn’t like really long seams, this project was kind of a nightmare of long seams.

I finally finished the center of the quilt and kind of liked it. it is large enough to be the center of a large throw. I also like that I can see how much fabric a Jelly Roll really is. I want to put some borders on it, but am not sure what yet.

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  1. Very pretty! I like your jelly roll fabric choice a lot. I didn’t miter my corners because I’m lazy like that sometimes, lol. And yes, that was the loooongest dang seam I’ve ever sewn. Worth it in the end, but it seemed like it would never end that first and second time around.

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