Sonja Journal Cover

Sonja Journal Cover
Sonja Journal Cover

I found myself needing a journal cover last Sunday when I finished the last page of my previous journal and was facing the naked cover of a new one. Since I was wrecked from the Daylight Savings Time change, I thought a journal cover would be an easy project. It turned out great and it warmed me up for working on some of the diamonds.

I wanted to use as much of the fabric intact as possible (this is one of the big problems I have with hand dyes. I find them too luscious to cut up!) so as to preserve the dots. The dots didn’t land exactly where I would have liked them to land, but they are good.

I call this my Sonja Journal Cover, because my friend Sonja made the fabric-well, dyed it or waxed or somehow made the pretty color and applied the pretty dots.

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