Corner Store Progress

New Corner Store blocks
New Corner Store blocks

I think this project will progress in fits and starts. I made the new blocks (on the right) while I was piecing the Flowering Snowball. I used the Corner Store blocks as leaders and enders. Such a useful, productivity improving technique.

I find that I put the blocks up on the design wall and I become uninspired to make more. Not sure why. I like them; I think the piece works well, is interesting and pretty. As a project I work on steadily, it wasn’t working for me yesterday. However, as leaders and enders in between a different project, I make a lot of blocks. What is that about?

And, the other question is, if I don’t work steadily on the Corner Store, what should I work on? I need some bang for my buck. Can I finish another top next weekend? VIMH#1 says I have to enjoy the process not just go for finished product.

All Corner Store blocks - May
All Corner Store blocks - May

I put all the blocks up. I have quite a few. They are small, though, so it isn’t enough. There is still a lot of red and pink. I made an effort to make blocks with no red or pink, but I have a lot of red and pink triangles, so it is hard.

This is not the final arrangement. I slapped them up on the wall and did a tiny bit of rearranging.

I also have to buy some more Kona Snow as background. The Pure Elements Linen, of which I have plenty, is different enough to be noticeable.

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4 thoughts on “Corner Store Progress”

    1. Good to know. I have been making an effort to use different colors, but I do have a lot of red and pink. If you are surprised at that, raise your hand. 😉

  1. I think, perhaps, that if there really IS a lot of red and pink that it somehow blends in as my eye was drawn to the blues right away! Either way, it is such a cheery quilt!

    I recently read somewhere that there seems to be a lot of quilts out lately, with the solid white complimenting all types of prints. I like the looks of these combinations. Black is dramatic too, but in a different way.

    No matter…YOURS is purdy. 🙂 Enjoy the process!

    1. The solid white is a Modern Quilt thing. Very trendy, though I think the trend is swinging towards grey. I think there are a lot of blues as well. Thanks for your kind words!

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