Corner Store Progress – Mid May 2012

Whole Corner Store Mid-May 2012
Whole Corner Store Mid-May 2012

What I want to rant about is a very bad and getting worse customer service experience that has nothing to do with quiltmaking. I need to get over it (or at least put it out of my mind), delve into the happiness that is Quiltland and tell you all about the Corner Store.

I was truly despairing of every finishing this piece. The blocks are small (3-7/8″) and I wanted to make something larger than a placemat. I thought I could just make blocks until I was 90 and then have a table runner.

Oh me of little faith. As I said before, I get more on this project finished, when I don’t focus on it. You know how you see things out of the corner of your eye, but if you look straight at them they disappear? That is what is going on with this quilt. I used the C.S. blocks as leaders and enders for the Wonky 9 Patch, as I think I mentioned.

C.S. Blocks finished before the W9P
C.S. Blocks finished before the W9P

Guess what? 68 (or so) blocks done!

No kidding. I do not jest. You can see, in the above picture, that I have made a total of 168 blocks. The piece is bigger than a placemat and a tablerunner now.

I thought the blocks I finished before I started the W9P would be the end until I got some more Kona Snow. As luck would have it, I found a piece of Kona Snow, clearly labeled (damn solids for not having a selvedge with words on it!) and about 14″ wide. I promptly cut it all up into 4″ squares and came up with about 75 squares. I was off. I thought I would never get through that many, but I don’t have very many of the squares left.

C.S. Blocks finished after the W9P
C.S. Blocks finished after the W9P

The new batch of Kona Snow is here and washed, so I am ready to cut some more and continue sewing.

I don’t think I am nearly done. I am thinking that I need to make at least another 121 blocks and then the border. I am thinking of the spiky border Gwen Marston talks about in Liberated Quiltmaking.

Anyway, progress is being made.

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  1. Jaye, I *love* this project! I’ve been mulling it over since you first posted about it, and am pretty sure I’ll be making something similar very soon. There are so many lay out possibilities!


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