Corner Store Progress

Corner Store - May Progress
Corner Store - May Progress

I know I am trying to finish the Flowering Snowball, but the hand piecing is slowing me down. Since th cut squares and triangles were sitting right by my machine, I just started sewing them together. I just needed to sew. In between sewing the Swoon, I made 20 of the Corner Store blocks.

These blocks are fairly easy to make if you have everything cut. As I have said, I like the variety of different sizes of triangles. I think it creates movement across the design field, but I think the viewer can see it better if the blocks are sewn together.

Lots of red in this group, but really awesome reds. I found another container of triangles with some more variety of color. The blocks will look different when I put them all up on the design wall and move them around.

I am not sure how many blocks I am going to need for a finished product, but I think the height of the piece will be 15 blocks down. If I make a piece that is 15 blocks x 15 blocks, I will need 225 blocks not counting the borders. I don’t have any idea of what type of border to add at this point. We’ll have to see.


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4 thoughts on “Corner Store Progress”

  1. I am particularly liking the last one on the right on the 2nd row and the middle one on the bottom row — I am liking the sort of flicker of color in the corner on those. It will be interesting to seee once you actually stitch some of them together and some of the color gets lost to the seam allowance. I suspect my preference may shift at that point…

  2. So, I have a newbie question. This looks like random shaped triangles. Is there a method to piecing or a ton of trimming of the blocks?

    1. Hi Shari,
      These are leftovers from another project, so they are all different sizes. That means each blocks has to be trimmed a couple of times throughout the process. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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