Swoon #11 & 12

Swoon #11
Swoon #11

I am calmly making these blocks one after another. I refuse to think about whether they will be a quilt or whether they will turn into anything at all. Of course, they will be something. What? I don’t know. Some kind of quilt, I am sure, but for now, I am just making blocks.

You all liked this blue, so I made another block using it. The pink is the block is a little different from the pink I selected and used in Swoon #7. I didn’t have enough of the smaller dot (that I could find), so this one is a suitable stand in.

I am pleased with the way the piecing came out in this block. If you look at the blue wings on the star, you will see how the vine looks like it continues from the middle out to the wings, especially on the left. I wish I could say I pieced it that way, but it was the luck of the draw.

Swoon #12
Swoon #12

Swoon #12 (middle photo, right) uses a yellow flower print, which is ok, but not great. It has all the right colors, but there is something about it that is just a little off for me. In this block, the orange of that flower print makes some of the points of the star drop out. I didn’t notice until I was done with the block. I think there was some yellow still showing before final sewing, but when I sewed those parts together, the yellow was taken up by the seam allowance. I thought about unsewing it and making the wings over, but I couldn’t be bothered. Perhaps it will make viewers come closer to the quilt to see what I was doing? For all of these little things that are not quite right, I think about antique quilts and how there is a often a fabric that doesn’t go or a botched piecing job. These quilts are charming, so I will think of these little things as adding charm to my quilt. 😉

And Then There Were Twelve

Twelve Swoon
Twelve Swoon

It is so interesting for me to look at all of these blocks together. Different parts of them stick out, which is all about the fabric, of course.

Some of them look like wreaths and some of them highlight the stars.

Making these blocks is turning into more of an intellectual exercise than I thought it would. Very fun.

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2 thoughts on “Swoon #11 & 12”

  1. I tell you, I am S*W*O*O*N*I*N*G over these blocks. Absolutely gorgeous, and I’m glad you kept on making them. Looking forward to how you end up using them. Wreaths and stars really go together well now that I’m viewing it that way.

    1. I am so glad you like them. Your comment made me think I need to make the rest of them, but I have a couple of other things on my plate to get to first. Stay tuned!

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