Creative Prompt #178: Star

Starlight, Star bright,
the first star I see tonight
which I may, wish I might
have the wish I wish tonight

STAR magazine

STAR Testing (Standardized Testing and Reporting)

Star Tribune (Minnesota)

Star power

Falling star

wish upon a star



Stars and constellations


Definition: A star is a luminous cosmic body.

Star Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics (1984-1988)

Minnesota Stars FC, an American soccer team in the NASL

Cuban Stars (West), a defunct Negro league baseball team

Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society, an air ambulance service

Star Wars

Movie star

Kansas City Star


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Star Mountains, Papua New Guinea

Star Jones (born 1962), American co-host of the television show The View, lawyer, journalist and writer

“Star” (Bryan Adams song), 1996

A Star is Born (Kris Kristofferson)

Star, a novel by Danielle Steel