Whole Cloth

Whole Cloth with Flowers
Whole Cloth with Flowers

I have to say that I find it very frustrating not to be able to show every little detail of the progress of this piece. I couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to give you a little peek.

I worked on it on and off all weekend last week. I also put in a few hours during the week, especially on Tuesday, when I was off, and in the evenings last week as well. Yes, I was on a mission to finish this piece by the deadline.

Whole Cloth - Mostly Vase
Whole Cloth – Mostly Vase

That was my plan again this past weekend since it is due next Saturday. When I started stitching on Saturday, I had all of the spirals done,  and had, mostly, straight stitching to finish.

There is a lot of starting and stopping and thread sinking required, but I am enjoying this project for some reason.

I was able to finish the top on Saturday after working on it all day. I spent Sunday trimming it, making the binding, machine stitching the binding. After I folded the laundry, I started to hand stitch the binding down. I was pleased that it going very quickly. In an hour or two, I had more than half of the binding stitched. I was too tired to work on it last night, but, perhaps, tomorrow.

I have a slim hope of making the sleeve this week as well. We will see. I can’t forget to prepare the Renewed Jelly Roll Race for the show. It is due on Friday.