PIQF Part 2

PIQF+ Purchases
PIQF+ Purchases

As I mentioned, my purchases at PIQF were quite modest. I need another bag pattern like a need a hole in the head, but I do want to try another one from the Chubby charmer company. I want to see if all of their patterns are as good as the “Chubster.”

I really just liked the buttons. It occurred to me that this particular color scheme would go well with the Aqua-Red Sampler. I don’t know if I will put them there, but I’ll try it out and see. Adding buttons might not be good for teaching, but it might make me happy. Make visual decisions visually, right?

I decided to participate in the pincushion challenge swap with BAMQG as a result of buying the Fig Tree pattern. There were a few things that didn’t make sense, but once I got a personal lesson from Joanna Figueroa, I was good to go. I forgot to go back to another booth and buy some crushed walnuts, but I imagine I can find nice filling somewhere else.

I didn’t buy the Marmalade charm pack at the show. See the previous PIQF post where I talk about the ‘baked goods’ problem. We went to the Granary on our way home and I bought it there.

Maureen turned me on to The Granary and I like that shop. Their prices are retail prices, but not outrageous. They have a GORGEOUS color wall. If you need to match or coordinate fabric, go there! The owner was cutting for TFQ and she remembered me buying fabric recently, which impressed me as I have only been in there 2-3 times. Great customer service! They have a nice selection of rulers and more than your average selection of notions. It is definitely worth checking out.

Since I have so many bag patterns, I figured that the clips and D rings wouldn’t go unused. I liked the size, finish and packaging. When I made the Bird Watcher Messenger Bag, I had a devil of a time finding a set even remotely suitable.


The other lovely thing that happened was that I got to see Mrs. Kristen and her sister-cousin, Vicki. We met at the show and then we sat down for a snack together and made each other laugh. As I have said a zillion times, but cannot be said too much, Mrs. Kristen is one of the loveliest people I know. I am hoarding her for myself and refuse to introduce her to you. Sorry.

OK, to be honest, I am not that sorry. She brought me gifts. I didn’t ask for anything, but she brought me gifts. 😉 She is not only a lovely person, because she makes me laugh, but also because she brings me gifts. She is supportive and generally nice to be around, too. Aside from fabric (dots and Pointillist Palette fabric), she brought me some rhubarb. I make a special rhubarb pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I used to be able to get canned rhubarb here, but they don’t seem to sell it anymore. I buy fresh, when I can, in the summer and stew and freeze it, but more is always welcome. The pie is scarfed down. I think I might be strung up if I didn’t make it. She and TFQ liked each other (or appeared to like each other), which was an added bonus.

As I mentioned, work sucked on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll see if my budget allows for some more retail therapy.