Sketching #171

CPP Response #171: Perch
CPP Response #171: Perch

I cannot get this bird woman out of my mind. I have drawn her before and I am sure she will appear again. I think she represents more of an escape than wanting to fly. Here she is perched on the top of the building and ready to fly.

I was inspired by the idea of perching on the edge of a chair, but I didn’t want to draw someone perched on the edge of a chair. This idea came to me when I was looking through my sketchbook for the budgie photo and came across the response to prompt #119. I drew another woman ready to fly instead of the budgie. I think I like the feathers in this response better.

Take a look at the original prompt and draw, paint or sing something in response to it. I would love to see what you create.

Book Review: A Bounty of Bead & Wire Bracelets

A Bounty of Bead & Wire Bracelets: 50 Fun, Fast Jewelry ProjectsA Bounty of Bead & Wire Bracelets: 50 Fun, Fast Jewelry Projects by Nathalie Mornu

I don’t know if this set is a trilogy, but if you were waiting for the bracelet version of the Bead & Wire series, here it is. There are a wide variety of bracelets to entice different kinds of jewelry makers. Not only are the styles different, but the beads and materials all give the projects a variety of looks.

Some of my favorite pieces are Wire Links (pg.122), which, in a variety of blues combined with silver, has great colors. Paris is lovely memory bracelet, like a charm bracelet (pg.116), but made as a memory. The crystals make it a bit different and interesting.

The book starts out with lists and definitions of tools, including photos, a Key to Wire Gauges and depictions of clasps, bead caps, spacers and chain. Different techniques and skills are discussed and illustrated. The projects and patterns start immediately after these sections.

Many of the patterns have a “Designer’s Tip” which gives just a little bit of extra information, not just on the pattern, but to improve the reader’s skills. The lists of tools needed for each project are clearly spelled out and photos and diagrams are very clear.

The patterns come from a variety of designers, whose bios are all included in the back of the book. There is a very brief table of contents and no index.

The imagery provides great inspiration for everyone.

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