Various & Sundry #14

Quilt World News

International Quilt Festival in Houston starts on November 1. If you are going, you’d better get organized. 😉

I think I mentioned that I signed up for Threadbias when SeamedUp went out of business. I only signed up. I tried to add a project, but I couldn’t upload the photos for some mysterious computer reason and I haven’t been back. I have nothing against Threadbias, I just feel like a jilted lover. I spent all that time with SeamedUp and now have nothing to show for it. I know it is a risk with free sites, but I will need some time.

All that being said, I don’t dislike Threadbias or anything. I am sure they are a fine crew and doing a fine job. Thus, I wanted to let you know about their Kickstarter campaign to design an online quilt design tool, which is described fully in their blog post. I have not decided whether or not I will contribute, because I am disappointed that they say nothing about EQ7. Why didn’t they call up EQ7 and say “dudes, let’s collaborate on a webtool”? Perhaps they did and were blown off?

I did watch part of the video and the features they have developed so far look pretty cool.  Still, I have invested a lot in EQ, so I have to think hard before switching. GenQ Interviews the ThreadBias team on their blog in a Q&A type format. Good info.

Speaking of EQ, follow along with Barbara Brackman’s new Grandmother’s Choice blog starting now. She has started a new blog about blocks. A free block each week. Find the block in BlockBase then build the quilt right in EQ7. The topical topic is: The Fight for Women’s Rights.

Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of FunQuilts, now Modern Quilt Studio, have a lot of fun news to share with you: classes, books, fabric. Go take a look at their blog post.

Tutorials and Help

Here is another way to make bias binding, if you are looking to try a new way or you have never done bias binding.

Around the Web

Little Bluebell also wrote about the Whole Cloth Quilt Challenge at BAMQG on her blog.

I liked this blog and the pieces shown on the blog. One of the blog posts has a great Swoon block. The blog post is good in general.

Check out Quilter in the Gap (Rhonda)’s giveaway: Dots and Chevrons!!! Don’t enter, just take a look. I want to win. You know I love dots. I have to make a project with all dots, I think.