Donation Pillowcases etc.

Donation Pillowcases
Donation Pillowcases

Not enough doing good this year, so I am working on changing that. I have been out of town so much that I am also slacking on cat beds, though I may be able to remedy that this week.

These are the pillowcase fabrics and parts that I found lurking in the [never ending] stack of fabrics I have been ironing. As you can see that pink/plaid flamingo fabric I discussed on Twitter has a starring role.

I pulled out a black with a grey background and cut it up for another 16 patch block donation quilt. I am using orange as the alternate squares. I may punch it up by adding blue squares as well. We’ll see how much of the right blues I have. I hope to make that into a top, and make the back by the next BAMQG meeting.

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