Vintage Tuesday #5

I am tempted to tag these posts ‘Old Junk.’ I haven’t done it yet, but I am thinking about it.

Starry Starry Night
Starry Starry Night

I must be on some kind of roll with my old quilts. This is Starry, Starry Night. Again, it is a 1990s project and I believe it was a round robin by mail project. Who can remember?

Aside from my Mariner’s Compass center, I really like the border that looks like it is half in the black and half in the grey.

I am almost sure this is one of the last, if not the last group project that I worked on.

I thought of it after I decided to play along with the BAMQG Round Robin.


What I wrote on my website “This border exchange quilt is owned and was completed by Jaye A. H. Lapachet. The quilt was started in 1994 through the Q-XCHG Listserv. It was completed in 1999. Participants in the exchange were: Debbie Atkins, Leslie Burnette, Rosalie Freudenberger, Jaye Lapachet, Dianne Morelock, and Amy Lobsiger. Machine quilted by Laura Lee Fritz.”

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