FOTY 2013 Early June

FOTY Patches Early June 2013
FOTY Patches Early June 2013

There is something I like about this 2013 Fabric of the Year project. I like having a piece of each fabric. Once the quilts are finished, I love walking by them and thinking “that fabric would be perfect for this project” or “OH! I remember that fabric. It was such great fabric.” It is like looking at a scrapbook.

I am afraid I am getting tired of it, though. Perhaps I am just tired. I know I am tired, but having the feeling seep over into fabric is scary.

These are blues from the end of the Star Sampler project. Mostly, I made the 4″ Sawtooth Stars from these fabrics. Yes, I did arrange them purposefully to be only a blue batch. I have a whole additional group that I’ll photograph later that is all different colors.

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4 thoughts on “FOTY 2013 Early June”

  1. I was gonna say it looks like you have an awful lot of blue fabrics this year :))) You’ll have to step it up with the warmer colors in the second half πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ™‚ Yes, perhaps. I bought a series of oranges, yellows and chartreuses recently that are calling my name. I haven’t washed them, so you probably haven’t seen them.

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