FOTY 2012: Top Finished

Fabric of  the Year 2012 Finished Top
Fabric of the Year 2012 Finished Top

One of the things I love about this quilt is that I get to visit with my fabrics again as I sew the top together. I get to say hello and they get to tell me not to forget them and how they can be used.

I also love the anticipation of finishing this piece and hanging it on my wall and looking at it more often, walking by it every day and remembering the fabrics.

I finished the top yesterday and am very pleased with it.

I probably could have finished the back as well, but finishing this top is some kind of miracle, because of how slow I was moving. Working on it, I think it helped to keep my joints a bit more limber. It could just be a perception, though.

You can see the whole series on the FOTY Gallery Page.

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