Julie has the Best Batiks

I got two Recchiuti boxes of windmill pieces last week from Friend Julie. I think I have mentioned that we are cutting for each other and doing the same shape this time.

Windmill patches from Julie
Windmill patches from Julie

She really has the best batiks. Almost all the pieces she sent to me were batiks and I really like them. I didn’t photograph all of them; just a sample of what she sent.

In the course of putting them away, I realized that I have to find another storage container. I crammed these into the current containers, but no more will fit.

I use plastic scone containers that I get from Whole Foods. I am out of those storage  containers. I’ll have to stop at Whole Foods and get some more scones. πŸ˜‰ It is a requirement since I can reuse the containers to hold my quilt patches.

Author: Jaye

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7 thoughts on “Julie has the Best Batiks”

  1. You can thank equilter’s monthly FQ shipment for that batik selection…I had to find a bigger container too!

  2. Quilter pat Sloan has to keep buying gelato for the containers. Such a sacrifice we quilters make πŸ™‚

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