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When TFQ comes to visit for two days, I get at least 5 blog posts out of it! Her visit, coupled with the organizational segment on QNN TV, made me think about organization ideas for my fabric closet, my projects and my workroom in general.

First, I keep all of the flat bits of a project in a file folder. As soon as I start a project (or a class), I start a file folder for it. This is great if everything is flat, but doesn’t work so well for yards of fabric.

Translucent Office Storage Boxes
Translucent Office Storage Boxes

TFQ mentioned project boxes. Project boxes are boxes you use to keep all of the bits and pieces of a project together. This concept came up while we searching for fabric for Sorbet. I heard it mentioned somewhere else or I read it somewhere recently and now it is on my mind. I need some project boxes and a place to put them. I have a couple of them, but they just happened by default. One is a box I threw the Pineapple strips into after the strip avalanche. Voila! A project box!

The above boxes are from the Container Store. I have 2-3 of them and they work pretty well for project boxes as long as not a lot of yardage is involved.

Clear Project Boxes
Clear Project Boxes

The other is a box in which I kept all of the fabric for the Tarts  for the years it took me to finish that piece. They look similar to the boxes above. These are also similar to the boxes in which I keep my fabric. The problem with using the box for a project box is that I may get mixed up if I don’t have them labeled properly and redistribute the fabric. Now I have all the fabric for Sorbet in the box where the Tarts fabric used to be.

Not all boxes for Projects need to be purchased.

Patch boxes
Patch boxes

I sometimes purchase scones for breakfast. The variety I purchase comes in the plastic boxes (on the right). I found that they are great for collecting squares and triangles and other smallish patches. The box on the left is from lettuce that some one brought over for dinner. That particular box is a good size for the FOTY diamonds. As an added bonus, they are not too nasty after the food has been removed and I am not adding them to our local landfill.

TFQ and I talked about ziploc bags, which are great, but are very slidey, especially if you get too many of something in them. They also don’t stack well.

My quiltmaker SIL uses banker’s boxes for her fabric. I prefer to use something clear I can see through, but I have made some temporary shelving out of banker’s boxes (repurposed from when we moved), so there are a number of uses for those as well.

What do you use to organize your workroom or studio? How do you organize your projects?

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5 thoughts on “Organization Ideas”

  1. As you know my yardages are mostly on hanging file folders. I usually have three plastic project bags laying around with various projects in them. I try to not have too many UFO’s laying around.

    One thing I have heard is folks us pizza boxes for organizing projects. You are supposed to be able to buy the plain white boxes somewhere or perhaps go to a friendly pizza place and pilfer a few. It’s been a long time ago that I heard to use them.

    1. Sherri: Thanks for the reminder about pizza boxes. I have one in which I stored the Tarts blocks while the project was percolating. I bought it for a small fee at a local pizza place.

  2. You can buy them on ebay too…I saw several sizes and prices for them. I am sure there are those who may say that these boxes are not archival quality though.

    One other drawback would be storage. None of the horizontal surfaces in my studio would be conducive to the larger pizza boxes.

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