Improving Spill

CPP Response #196: Spill
CPP Response #196: Spill

As you might remember, I posted this response over the 4th of July weekend.I mentioned that it didn’t quite look right to me.

My mom saw that comment and gave me an example of what I could do to improve the drawing.

For me it was a total AHA moment. Let me know what you think.


Spill, Improved
Spill, Improved



See the wonkiness of the line you can see through the glass? That makes the drawing look less weird.

Isn’t it great that there is always something to learn?


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5 thoughts on “Improving Spill”

    1. One of the things I like about the CPP is learning something new – whether I figure it out or someone else helps me figure it out. My mom is really great with drawing so she often has great tips.

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