Finished Donation Blocks

Orange & Grey Donation Blocks
Orange & Grey Donation Blocks

I did diligently work on these donation blocks until they were done a week or so ago.

They are fun to work on and I am happy I put the blue square in each block. I think it adds interest.

I am thinking that my next effort will be sans background, e.g. no grey, and just have different scraps all in the same color make up the blocks. Where the blue is in these lovelies, I will substitute a complimentary colored patch, similar to what Pam did with her Rainbow Baby quilt. I guess I keep saying this over and over so I must really want to do it.

Yes, I still want to put sashing between the blocks. I’d love to get this done by the September meeting. We’ll see. Apparently, crawling up into my fabric closet for a blue bin is a problem. I don’t even know if I have the right blue for the sashing.

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4 thoughts on “Finished Donation Blocks”

  1. Cool – I like it. I’ve also toyed with putting the “off” color square in different places in the block. I kept my white squares in the Rainbow blocks contained within the center so it would bleed into the sashing, which was also white, but wondering if perhaps your “off” color was different sashing, would it still look good with some of the off colors at the edge of the block, like they were trying to escape?

    1. Oooooh! I like the idea of ‘off color’ square trying to escape. I’ll have to think about that. Infinite possibilities!!! It is a good pattern for a donation quilt. Lots of opportunities for variation.

      Mostly, I am not going with grey sashing, because I ran out, but perhaps I have some strips that would work. I don’t want the orange to be overwhelmed with the grey.

  2. I love blue and orange together. It’s one of my favourite combinations. Putting the odd patch in different locations is a great idea. It adds a lot of interest to an otherwise blah quilt.

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