Russian Rubix Backgrounds

Once again, I am working on the background for the Russian Rubix. I know this seems like more drama than it is worth, but there are a couple of reasons, I am being picky:

  • White seems like an easy choice
  • Solid grey seems too boring and I don’t want to be depressed making it
  • I have to sew octagons together. I don’t want to sincerely dislike the background of a quilt that is difficult to piece
  • I don’t want the white in the foreground fabrics to bleed in the background and distort the look of the wreaths made up by the octagons.

I finally washed some greys and here are the choices I am contemplating:

Grey on White Batik
Grey on White Batik

In no particular order, I am posting examples of the backgrounds I am considering. I like the movement of the grey on white batik. It does interfere with the light blue (bottom, center right).

Grey on White Batik detail
Grey on White Batik detail

Above is the detail of the Grey on White Batik with only a little  bit of other fabric for reference.


Painter's Canvas
Painter’s Canvas from Magnolia Lane Collection by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller

This is my second favorite. It adds interest. It doesn’t interfere with the foreground fabrics. It isn’t boring.

Painter's Canvas detail
Painter’s Canvas detail

I wish it weren’t so directional, though I think the directionality wouldn’t interfere with the design of the piecing. I could be wrong.

P&B Happy Go Lucky Grey
P&B Happy Go Lucky Grey

This my favorite. I love this grey.  I have gone on and on about this grey and I am kind of angry that I didn’t realize I loved it when I had the chance to buy 1,000 yards. It is nowhere. I may call P&B and see if they have a bolt they will sell me.

I am worried I am just on the grey bandwagon and will sincerely dislike all of these quilts made with grey in 2 years.


P&B Happy Go Lucky Grey
P&B Happy Go Lucky Grey detail

How can you not love this grey?

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Why Should you Care: you should care because of process. My thought process in the making of a quilt will give you some ideas of what to think about when you are making your next quilt. Maybe.