Various & Sundry 2013 #14

What I am Reading

Heat Rises by Richard Castle
River’s Edge by Marie Bostwick
Frozen Heat by Richard Castle
Deadly Heat by Richard Castle
The Murder Room by P.D. James

Yes, there is a lot of murder and mayhem going on in my reading life right now. The Heat books were all Kindle books, 2 of which I was able to borrow from the library. Since I haven’t been around much, the Kindle books are great for reading on the go. The last book is getting me back into the P.D. James/Adam Dagleish series. I am more interested in the character development of Dagleish than of the murder, really. Thus book is on audio. P.D. James writes mysteries that tend towards academic, but you get all the information and there are no loose ends, so I like them. I would have finished it during my trip last week, but Mom and I talk rather than listen to books.

Virginia, a CQFAer, sent an interesting thought: Pablo Picasso said:  “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”

Death Cab for Cutie Album Cover
Death Cab for Cutie Album Cover

Death Cab for Cutie is also providing some inspiration with their album cover for Narrow Stairs. The name of the album (do they call them that anymore?) looks like a selvedge. I wonder if they know? Is it a secret conspiracy to promote quilts? Thanks to Liesl Gibson of Oliver+S for pointing it out.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies
Look at these nice looking swivel clips! One of my frustrations with bag making is that the hardware isn’t that appealing. I was pleased to find this store so I can get some nice looking bag hardware.

Anna Maria Horner announced a new bag pattern recently. Some of the examples she shows are lush…a little over the top lush, but also a treat for hardworking women. The post also has some beautiful pictures and some of her life.

Iron Tote Pattern
Iron Tote Pattern

I might have mentioned that Friend Julie made an iron tote. I liked the idea so when I was on my way down to Super G’s house and happened to stop (ahem) in at Quiltin’ Cousins in Pismo Beach, I saw a pattern and, once Julie confirmed it wasn’t the one she used (she had trouble), I bought it. The pattern came with a piece of that insulated silver stuff. One of the things I liked about it was the fabric they used for the pattern. They used a Philip Jacobs-like fabric and Ta Dot dot for the straps and binding. Why didn’t I think of that?

I think I need to make one for myself. I don’t know that I will use it much, but I love the idea of a Philip Jacobs something that I can carry around.

Iron Tote Pattern Store Sample
Iron Tote Pattern Store Sample


I wanted to make it for my secret Santa at BAMQG, but that is not on her list, so, perhaps, I will have to make some for other friends. I have no comment, yet, on the pattern. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As a result, I don’t know what I’ll make for her. Perhaps a needle case? It seems so small, though it is on her list. I’ll think about it and come up with something to make it special.

On the Web
Thanks to Katie, we can now use the hashtag #qhc when we engage in quiltmaking. Researchers in Scotland have done a study on hobbies and speficially mention quiltmaking. The article in the Daily Mail online talks all about it.

I heard about a QuiltGuy retreat. Only guys? Do they go to quilt shops? Talk about their kids? There were some photos. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Awhile ago, I posted about my work on Chris’ start to the BAMQG Round Robin. Kathleen did a blog post recently about a start she worked on. I am posting a link so you can see more of the group’s work.

I love the quilting on the quilt on this post from Melody Johnson. There is something about the few rows of stitching in, what looks like, Perl Cotton that is simple and effective. I don’t visit Melody’s blog as much as I would like. Her colors are so fabulous.

If you want to be really impressed with some longarm quilting, check out this quilt, which was quilted by Kathy Perino. It looks like trapunto in some places. She does longarming if you need a quilt quilted….

Jill is always doing something interesting and now the ‘something interesting‘ is with wool and Perl Cotton.  She even dyed some of the wool. I can’t wait to be retired. I should buy a lotto ticket.

Out and About
Thanks to Cathy Izzo at the City Quilter for these tips:

The Virginia Quilt Museum is having a fundraiser. Vicki Welsh turned me on to the antique looking, though newly made quilt. I can think of a few of you in whose houses this would look great. You can purchase chances through PayPal.

Luke Haynes et al will be showing quilts at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC call Alt Quilts. The show will be up from October 1, 2013 – January 5, 2014.I hope some of you are able to visit and will tell me all about it.

Purse Palooza 2013 started yesterday. Have you visited the Sew Sweetness blog to see the bag reviews?

I was reading a blog post by Abby Glassenberg about having a successful craft blog (not getting into the art vs. craft of quiltmaking here or now!), which said that to have a successful blog, you should tell your readers why they should care about what you are writing. Sharing isn’t enough. I haven’t decided if I believe this yet, but I am going to try to figure out why you should care about what I am writing in each post. In the meantime, this post from the Creative Creativity blog is a good start when she says “you create what you consume.”



Why Should You Care: I write these Various & Sundry posts because I think it is good to expose you to things you might not normally see or read.