PIQF 2013 pt.1: Colleen’s Instant Quilts

Colleen's Instant Quilts Booth Display
Colleen’s Instant Quilts Booth Display

I went to pick up two quilts the other week from my longarmer. While there she showed me what she was working on for Quilt Market: Instant Quilts. When I hear ‘easy’ and ‘simple’ related to quilts, I can roll my eyes like the best of a teenager. “Instant” stopped me for a second, but as I was about to roll my eyes, Colleen put up her hand and showed me what she meant.

The quilts look like windows and I love the possibility of windows. These quilts are the ‘Big Block of Special Fabric’ type quilts. These quilts do use special fabrics, but the window type design makes it appear that you are looking into a fabric landscape. I saw some of that Octopus fabric from the Salt Water Collection by Tula Pink that would look fabulous in this design. Modern fabrics are made for these designs. I can also imagine hand dyes being used to wonderful effect. Admit it, you hand dyers (ahem, Sandy), sometimes the fabric is just too delicious to cut up into tiny pieces. 😉

I also think some of the Asian fabrics that are popular would look great in this style. My mind was whirling after we talked and I kept thinking of how many different types of fabric would work using this format.

This will be rolled out at Quilt Market, where Colleen is also presenting a game. She has self published a book about the concept, which should be available on her website Monday or Tuesday for those of you who are unable to visit her booth at PIQF. I have to say that I really like the concept.