Fabric Combinations?

Lori and Phil
Lori and Phil

I don’t always chastise myself very vociferously for making a big mess in my workroom, because happy accidents happen with messes.

I found a new Philip Jacobs print at Roxanne’s in Carpenteria (you really MUST go there as soon as possible). The tan background isn’t really my color, but I love Phil and those mums are to drool for.

I was unpacking stuff from my trip and the Philip Jacobs flowers were flung onto my cutting table temporarily. They happened to land near this Lori Wisburn print from several years ago. It is from the Tufted Tweets line. I don’t know why it was in the pile, but it was a good thing it was, because I saw the two together and thought “hmmm, that could be the start of something”.

Not sure what.

But something. Something interesting for sure.