Birthday Report

I feel somewhat self indulgent by sharing my birthday report with you. I had such a great day, though, that I can’t help myself. I love my birthday and really strive to savor it every year. I think I would love to have it more than once a year, but then I would get really old, really fast and it wouldn’t be as special. The bonus was that I had a day off of work!

First, I got up and wrote in my journal and drank my tea. The boys got up and DH made us an omelette (I didn’t even have to ask!), then I started opening gifts. I couldn’t believe the generosity of my friends and family. I couldn’t even open all the gifts at once.

Granary Fabrics
Granary Fabrics

Later, I went to pick up my sewing machine and out to lunch with Maureen. Our favorite lunch place is right near the Granary, so while I waited for her, I looked at fabric. Julie and I are going to do a block project with the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book by Tula Pink and I saw the perfect background. My mother-in-law gave me some money and the fabrics are the result. I really like the Granary. The fabrics are all commercial and most of the ladies there tend towards non-art quilts, but I like the busyness and the variety of products in the place. They have a lot of fabric that is well organized and it is clean. They have lots of everything as well.

Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts

And then there was the birthday box! OMG! TFQ out did herself this year and sent me the most luscious quiltmaking fabric and supplies and inspiration. If I don’t buy anything else this year, I will be all set.

I also put the books that Julie gave me and some gifts that DH gave me in the picture. I am not tall enough to include them all.

One item I received was a FitBit. I have been wanting one and am pleased to finally be able to see where I am in terms of fitness. My first morning workout was over 2,000 steps, which is amazing!

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12 thoughts on “Birthday Report”

  1. You deserve wonderful birthdays! I am glad you had a super duper one! AND I am on fitbit too, along with several mutual friends! Want to ‘friend’ each other?

    Looking forward to see what you make in 2014. You’re always an inspiration to me. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on a wonderful birthday that you thoroughly enjoyed! Looking forward to seeing what all those fabricy gifties turn into. And welcome to the FitBit world. I’ve slacked off a little over the holidays and got sick this week when I’d planned to get myself back into things, so here’s to plans for racking up some steps starting next week! Be sure to friend all of us QuiltBitters!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I started a new fitness attitude over the holidays and hope to continue it. Not every day has been great, but I am working on improving my steps.

  3. I have Tula’s book and fabric (that I bought in July). Maybe I’ll try to keep up with you. I’m using silk for my fabric – stuff I got in San Mateo from one of the vendors at a show.

  4. So glad you had a fantastic birthday!!

    Maybe you and I can compare notes! What are your plans for conquering all the blocks? I’m doing the blocks, too, with a friend in Texas. We’re going in order, generally following the colors, and aiming to do three or four a week.


  5. Happy birthday, Jaye! It all sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you make (and how many steps you take) in 2014!


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