Magazine: Quilt with Scraps

Threads Publication: Quilt with Scraps
Threads Publication: Quilt with Scraps

My local grocery store has a lot of interesting magazines and they change them up quite frequently. I saw one called ‘Salt’ once and then never saw it again.

Last Tuesday, I was doing the weekly shopping and saw this magazine at the checkout stand. Of course, I had to buy it.

It is a publication by the same people who make Threads. Scrapitude is on my mind, so I grabbed it to see what quilty loveliness was there.

It is actually more of a book in magazine format, though here is no title page.

The whole magazine appears to be written by Joan Ford and discussing her Scrap Therapy program/system. I was interested in the various sections (they weren’t really articles) and how she presents the system.

One thing she does is cut her scraps into 2″, 3.5″ and 5″ squares. She explains how much can be done with those sizes, including how well they fit together. It occurred to me that I could test this on a donation quilt at quilt some point.

Aside from the sizes, her system seems to include the concept of Scraps+1. Fortunately she has the sense to point out that it is fine to buy a background fabric to go with your scraps. She considers design when she is discussing laying out the scraps, which I appreciate greatly.

Included is a sensible approach to some of the basics. She has a section on accurate cutting and shows a slightly different way to hold the ruler to keep it in place. In places where she does things slightly differently than the assumed norm, she explains why she does it that way.

The projects are interesting, too. One thing that s a given is that more fabrics are better than one. Many of the projects are inspired by the Infinite Variety show, but do not mimic the quilts in that show. One of the quilts inspired by the show is blue and cream. I love that! I love that she shows how to expand beyond what the pattern shows.

There are a lot of photos and diagrams, which helps explain the techniques. Applique’ as well as piecing is included and Ms. Ford marks the patterns by difficulty. She does not shy from intermediate and advanced patterns.

If you see this magazine, it is beautifully done and well worth the money.

Author: Jaye

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6 thoughts on “Magazine: Quilt with Scraps”

  1. I have both of Joan Ford’s books; I discovered her first book through my library AFTER I had begun cutting my scraps into the sizes she uses. Before you said the author’s name, after seeing the magazine cover I though, “That looks like a Joan Ford set of projects.” There are a number of patterns in the first book that are great for charity projects – I did a Sugar & Spice quilt last year to donate, and this year I’m using a pattern from there for a QoV. They are great resources!

    1. I get the feeling that some people will cut larger squares out of yardage, especially if they exclusively do scrap quilting.

      I can cut 2.5″ squares, occasionally 3″ squares, but usually nothing larger unless I don’t like the fabric and threw it in my scrap bin to get it out of my face. 😉

  2. I also have one of Joan’s books which like Pam, I bought after borrowing it from the library. I will have to look for the magazine. Thank you for the review.

  3. Thank you for the report on the magazine. I actually thought about buying it but put it down. After this review I will pick it up. I like the fact there are great tips. Oh yes, scraps I have in quantity.

    1. Glad I was helpful! I particularly liked the section on cutting. It made me think and when I get my cutting supplies set up again, I will try her technique.

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