Fabric of the Year 2014 – Mid May

FOTY 2014 - Mid May
FOTY 2014 – Mid May

This group of fabric is a lot of what I got on my road trip. Not all, but a lot.

Someone suggested setting the rectangles like subway tiles, so I thought I would post them like that here so you could see what you think.

I really like the charcoal grey circle stitch fabric (last row, 2d from the top on the right). I am very tempted to buy a bunch of it and use if for a background for something. I don’t know what, though. I don’t know whether I am following a trend with all this grey or whether I am shying from other light colored backgrounds.

Do you like the crazy dip to the right? I can’t believe I didn’t see that until after I took the photo. Hopefully I won’t piece them like that.

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4 thoughts on “Fabric of the Year 2014 – Mid May”

  1. They look really nice! I meant subway tiles the staggered way. You might need “half ” tiles in every other row, and I think they would even look good with “grouting” :))) what do you think?

    1. I couldn’t do the staggering in this photo, but will consider when I put this quilt together. I haven’t done something like that before, but it is a good idea. FOTY 2012 has half squares, so I could certainly do ‘half tiles’. We’ll have to see.

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