Finished: Fresh Fruit

As I mentioned, I got two quilts back from Colleen at the same time.  I just finished the sleeve on the second, which means the whole quilt is finished. Yes, I finished Fresh Fruit. 😉

I like this quilt and think it is very pretty. Do you see how there is continuity across the quilt with fabrics in different colorways? I think that the design could be used very effectively with other fabrics, even if they were not different colorways of the same line. Of course, I am thinking about Philip Jacobs fabrics and dots.

Fresh Fruit front
Fresh Fruit front

The sad part of this quilt is that I barely remember making it. I should have called this quilt Cinderella, as it is beautiful, but shoved to the side, in a way, like fairy tale step children. The design was from a pattern and I used same fabric as the pattern. I did the whole thing as leaders and enders, I didn’t quilt it. The most time I spent on it was on the back, the sleeve and the binding. It feels weird, but it is true.

I had help from inexperienced quilt holders in taking the photo. They were tired after the front, so the back isn’t straight.

Fresh Fruit back
Fresh Fruit back

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  1. I love this quilt Jaye. I don’t think I have seen it or even heard you talk about it. Glad that you finished it. It’s a happy quilt!

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