Paris Pillowcases

I needed to get back in the swing of sewing last week after being out of town. I don’t know why I have so much trouble getting back into the swing after being out of town, because all I really want to do is sew. I am sure there is some guilt about having fun mixed up in there. Oh well, I think about that later. 😉

Paris Pillowcases
Paris Pillowcases

Anyway, pillowcases are easy and I wanted to cement the process in my mind. I had just ironed some Paris prints and decided to make them as a birthday gift for a friend who has everything.

I was inspired by my sister’s love of Paris and France to buy these prints, but I decided that they were too brown and muted for me. I bought the Black Dress print at Scottie Dog fabrics in January and thought that fabric, used as a cuff, would tie the set together.

I know that three is an odd number for a gift, but that was all the cuff fabric I had. I am not even sure I will be able to cut a piece of it for FOTY 2014. I might have another piece somewhere. We will see.

I am pleased with how they came out and think the recipient will like them. I hope so, at least.

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