Good News on the Sewing Machine Front


I have a talked a lot about my sewing machine in the recent past and the news has been all bad. 🙁

Finally, last week I got some GOOD news. Finally!

My mom took my machine to Always Quilting for me. I really had nothing to lose since it had been deemed terminal and, perhaps though hope was slim, I could catch a break. I feel like the machine has been at the shop forever.

Anyway, Wednesday I got a call from the woman who was working on it. She wanted to hear the story of the machine.


Why would someone want to know the story of my machine? Good idea, but it sounded weird. I think it just sounded weird, because nobody had ever asked me about that before. I told her my whole long sad tale of woe.

She asked if I had noticed skipped stitches or tension problems. I said that I could never get the tension right to free motion quilt, but other than that I wasn’t having any problems. She said that my needle bar was out of alignment. That was a new one on me! I now have a secret hope that I might be able to free motion quilt again sometime. Maybe? Perhaps?

She said that there had been too many hands on the machine and the connections were a mess. She said that a lot of the electronic connections had to be re-soldered, but no new screen was needed and I should have the 9K back by the weekend. I couldn’t believe it!

She said that the machine was NOT terminal!

I feel like I have won the lottery, a reprieve or something really good. I can’t wait to get my machine back.


I went and got the machine today. I normally don’t leave, but I am in a weird place with various projects and needed some exercise.

I got the machine back and set it up. First thing I noticed was that the light doesn’t work. Sigh.

The second thing I noticed was that the screen DOES work. YAY!

The needle bar definitely is different. I hope it is straight, though it doesn’t look straight. The seams seem to be straight if a touch wider than a scant 1/4″.

It sounds better, too. I like the sound of my 9k. It is quieter than my other machine.

I will also have a knee lift available again. I haven’t used it yet, but it is set up and ready to go.

My fingers are crossed.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

13 thoughts on “Good News on the Sewing Machine Front”

  1. Good luck! Hope this solves your machine issues. Nothing takes the fun out of sewing faster than machine problems.

  2. My fingers are crossed for you too! I keep thinking I ‘should’ trade in my old Pfaff, but just because it has a few oddities, doesn’t mean it’s ready for the scrap heap. I’d miss my Pfaff if I got a new one that didn’t sew as well is mine does. I am glad your old buddy may still come through and work for you too! 😀

    1. Thanks! I can see the attraction of a new machine, but I think I am just not quite ready (aside from the whole money issue). I really need to find a machine that fits my needs and one that I can seek, not rush out and buy because I am desperate.

  3. So how is it that it always has to be good news, bad news? Can you do anything to get that light fixed? Or could it come from all the re-soldering the lady was doing? Maybe un-soldered the light wire?
    I’m really glad you too the chance, Jaye, and let your mom take your machine. Hope it will work nicely for you in the future.

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