Various & Sundry #7 – Late July 2014

Yes, this month you get two Various & Sundry posts! I had planned to post #6 on July 20, but it was getting so hefty that I posted it earlier this month. I promise not to bore you with more fiction books.

Media and Tutorials

Thanks to Daisy for sharing this great blog post putting to rest misconceptions about quiltmaking.

Nancy Rink’s studio was broken into and many, many quilts were stolen. Read about it on Bonnie Hunter’s blog. There is a link to Nancy Rink’s blog/website.

This Penguin UK book quilt is a fabulous idea for a reading chair quilt.

If you want to get the Jenny Doan (Missouri Star Quilt Co.) magazine called Block, you buy them at Always Quilting. They have three issues and the issues look like books.

AuriBuzz has an interview with Camille Roskelly.

If you want to make bias binding or the fabric for piping using the tube method, Whip Stitch has a tutorial.

Ms. Lottie gives some tips on writing a quilt pattern.

I am on the fence about talking about something like the post on a very popular blog. I was disappointed that this was posted after only a few days of viewing the Twitter feed. Personally, I can stop following the person in question if I am offended. I am more offended by things like the Hobby Lobby decision about WOMEN’s reproductive rights than the tweets. Perhaps the tweets are offensive, but to condemn someone so publicly is something I wouldn’t do. Yes, I am being circumspect, because I want to avoid, if possible, my blog being caught up in the firestorm that this has already generated. It makes me wonder if I am too quick to judge and stop buying a product? It makes me wonder if I am making unfair judgments about people based on social media (perhaps they dont’ write well or are still learning technology?) and whether unfair judgments are being made about me?

I heard that the Quilt Life magazine will be ending its run in October 2014. Even with the star power of Alex and Ricky, the magazine wasn’t sustainable. No layoffs are anticipated as a result, which is great. I get the magazine and I have to say that issues are piling up. There are some really good things about it, but others that just don’t grab my interest.

Easy Quilts, Fall 2014 issue is surprisingly cheerful for a Fall issue. One of the patterns, called Viola Blossoms is basically a Flowering Snowball recolored.

Patterns, Tools and Notions

ByAnnie has a series of tutorials that help you use their zippers by the yard. I think I need to try these so I can get the colors and lengths that I want in one package.

In my endless quest to push out corners into a shape that actually looks like a sharp corner, I bought the Quick Points Mini Point Pusher about a month or so ago. I still get a little rounded tip on the very corner, but this does a better job, without poking holes in the project, than anything I have used before. I sometimes have a difficult time getting it in the right location, but the idea is really good.

Fabric and Supplies

If you need to know all about bag interfacing, Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness fame (remember my Purse Palooza post?) has a post all about it. She includes the Vilene conversion, so if you are in the UK, or other places where you commonly use Vilene, this post is for you, too. If you don’t care about bags, you have to go to the post anyway, because the main image is hilarious and everyone needs a good laugh.

Kona Jamaica
Kona Jamaica

They hooked me with Jamaica. If the actual color of the fabric is anything like this color on my screen, I am all in. Yes, please, I’ll take 5 yards. Thanks.

I guess this means there is a new color card (or an update) in my future.

Other Artists

Pamela Allen, one of my favorite teachers, now has an online gallery. Go take a look.

Katie of the fabulous Katie’s Quilting Corner podcast posted some fabulous photos of her Hopscotch Lane quilt. The design, quilting – just everything came out very well. Her photography is wonderful as well.


The following are thanks to Ann May:

  •         Fiber inForms Show at the Michaelangelo Gallery 1111-A River St. Santa Cruz across from the Tannery, August 1-24, 2014. The First Friday Reception will be Friday, August 1 , 6-8 pm.  (2 newer pieces)
  •          Featured Studio for the Pacific International Quilt Festival studio tour, Santa Clara Convention Center, October 17, 2014.
  •          Primal Green II, Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Artists group Show, San Francisco Public Library, Wallace Stegner Environmental Library, fifth floor Main Library, October 11-April, 2015. I will have at least one piece at this event. I have entered three pieces.
  •          Abrazos del Alma( Hugs from the Soul) an art  exhibition inspired by her love of Mexican culture will be a special exhibition as part of Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara Convention Center, October, 2015.

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