I splashed grease on yet another shirt and decided that Super G and my Great Grama had a good thing going with the whole apron idea. I also remembered the aprons hanging in the shop in San Luis Obispo. I pulled out a box, which I remembered had some patterns in it. In the process found a huge cache of other bag, etc patterns –OOPS, I wondered where those were.

Apron Layout
Apron Layout

When I can make more, why would I just make one? I might be in the mood for sedate one day and crazy another day.

Yes, I have cut out two aprons.

Apron Layout
Apron Layout

Cutting is a good activity to do while at Sew Days as it does not require a machine, as I have said numerous times. I cut out one apron at the Sew Day and the other at the recent CQFA meeting.

I needed help with the layouts and even though the second pattern, the Church Ladies Apron Pattern by Mary Mulari, says it only needs a yard, you can see the layout problems I had when I used one yard of fabric.

I decided to use a nice Philip Jacobs prints for one side In searching for the perfect other side, I came across a text print and decided that would be fun. I am sure I will get some modern points for the text fabric. 😉

Apron Fabric & Pattern
Apron Fabric & Pattern

The other pattern is from McCall’s and is called Fashion Accessories “The Retro Collection” (#2811). I don’t remember when I bought it, but it has been around for awhile.

I have not started to sew yet, but stay tuned for that step.



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6 thoughts on “Aprons”

  1. I love my aprons and wish I REMEMBERED to wear them! I am getting better about it now that I’m wearing nice work clothes and sometimes run home for lunch to get something into the crock pot, or start dinner right when I get home.

    As always, I love your fabric choices!

    1. Thanks! I like them, too! It is so nice that you can run home at lunch! I have to get some crockpot recipes that we all like into the menu mix for fall. I think it will help with time management.

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