Weekend Work

The weekend didn’t fly by as fast as I thought it would, but it was over too quickly. Who doesn’t say that? I got a lot done and not just quiltmaking. I made time for two workouts, lots of Eagle Project and College application haranguing and some TV watching.

City Sampler - 1st Group
City Sampler – 1st Group
City Sampler - 1st Group
City Sampler – 2d Group

Most of what I did was make City Sampler/Tale of Two Cities blocks. They have been on my mind and the last time I worked on them was around August 9. I know this because I make a note in the book each time I make a block. I do this so I know what I have made and it comes in handy for knowing when I last worked on them. My next block is block #31, which means I have made 30 blocks. I will bring 8 of them to the meeting on Saturday to share with the Tula Pink group.

In the first group of blocks, I like the lower right hand corner block best. I know it looks like Bargello, which is not at all fashionable now, but I like the suggestion of additional steps that we can’t see in, for example, the upper right hand corner of the block.

In the second group, I added some Philip Jacobs. i know the fabric introduces pinks into the piece, which was not in the original plan. I may redo them, but for now I will leave them.

I have to say that I like the symmetry of the left hand blocks. I really like the center of the block in the upper left hand corner. This motif is mirrored, though larger, in the bottom lefft hand block. I like it as well and wonder what a whole quilt would look like? More of the stair steps?

I had some trouble with the bottom right hand block. It seems easy enough, but just wouldn’t fit together. I finally figured out that I cut one of the pieces wrong. Once I had recut the piece, it worked fine. It would be interesting to see a whole quilt made from that block in black and whites with different reds in the center.

I am not a fan of some of the blocks and I have to admit that one though that ran across my mind was about some of the blocks not showing up before now for a reason. I decided to expand my mind and be open to all the blocks, which is why I am making all the blocks.

It took me forever to sew the 30 blocks. I wonder how long it will take me to sew the additional 70?



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