September BAMQG Meeting

Every time I turn around, I am kind of shocked that it is September. Even in my journal, I keep starting to write June when I write the date. I don’t know why. I did that all through last year as well and had no good reason then either.

Anyway. Lots of BAMQG this week.

Play-Crafts Palette Builder
Play-Crafts Palette Builder

The meeting was awesome, as usual. The best part was the talk by Anne Sullivan of She gave us all a lecture on Color Theory. I know a couple of things about color theory, but I learned quite a few things. There are things called color models, which I have heard of before. One of the models is called Hue, Saturation & Value (HSV). It is a color model created to be more intuitive and show color relationships.

Anne also talked about the basics of color theory, contrast, and color schemes. Anne has the passion of someone who loves color. She has clearly done the research of a person dedicated to something she loves. I looked at her website and found nothing on color until I went to the patterns and tutorials section and there were some tutorials on color there.

We had some business as well.

  • Elections are next month.there will be a couple of new positions available: liaison with MQG and the Opportunity quilt coordinator
  • Charity will host a Sew Day on October 4. We will work in teams to create charity tops.
  • Amanda still has no reliable source for Cat Bed donations. She had a few that were already made, but not stuffed, so people took those. I gave in the neon orange bed. It got a few laughs. [BTW, I forgot to take a photo of that cat bed, but it was just neon orange, so nothing interesting. Also, I was able to cut a top and bottom, but not a gusset from the remaining Polartec. I hoped that Amanda would have a bit more fabric, not in neon orange from which to make the gusset]
  • The quilt display at the Los Altos Library will happen Dec 1-31 and Peggy has forms to fill out.
  • There were a few more packs of fabric for the 2014 Opportunity Quilt. The blocks are due at the October meeting.
  • PIQF is during the next meeting. 🙁 Poor planning on the Mancuso’s part IMO.
  • Retreat dates are still in process.
  • Amish exhibit – quilts are due. I didn’t do one, but people have to arrange for a dropoff with Kelly. People showed their quilts during show and tell, but no photos were taken as people were concerned that others wouldn’t attend the show if they had already seen the quilts.
  • I don’t know if the small groups met, because I was busy and missed mine.