Creative Prompt #277: Frost

It isn’t really frosty out and we hardly ever get any significant frost, so this prompt is just as mysterious to me as it is to you. Onward!

Jack Frost

window frost

Robert Frost

Does Frosty the Snowman count?

Frosting on a cake? Does that count

Definition: “Frost is the term for several types of coatings or deposits of ice that may form in humid air in cold conditions, usually overnight. In temperate climates it most commonly appears as fragile white crystals or frozen dew drops near the ground, but in cold climates it occurs in a greater variety of forms.[1]”

Hoar frost

Frost Strike – spell in World of Warcraft- Instantly strike the enemy, causing 1% Frost damage

Frost Dessert Lounge (I couldn’t resist – the image of chaise lounges and people wandering around with yummy desserts made me add this. They aren’t paying me, so no links)

Frost Mage

Frost is a slow and heavily-armored Warframe that is able to utilize offensive and defensive skills to both his own and his team’s advantage.

David Frost

The Frost Chronicles

Frost (2012 movie)

World of Warcraft DPS Frost Death Knight Guide for PvE raiding.

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami.

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