What’s On The Design Wall

Design Wall September 2014
Design Wall September 2014

Again, my design wall looks remarkably similar to what I posted last time. C’est la vie. I have to remind myself that it isn’t speed that I am going for (though sometimes it isn’t true), it is engaging with the process that is important.

#1: I am still making those turquoise and red four patches. I have a lot more patches than blocks at the moment, though fewer than last time, because I did indeed get busy and made a few. I still have too many other leaders and enders at the moment to make real progress on any one quilt top.

#2: I have a few more squares finished for the Teenaged Boy Donation Quilt and some in progress as well. I dug out some more blacks and greys to add some variety. Some came from the edges of the T-shirt quilt and I thought it was a good use of that remnant.

#3: I decided to make another Owl, like Henry. I took the leftover mosaic piecing from Henry and added some more to it. I am also most out of chocolate brown so I hope the piece is large enough. I haven’t gotten the pattern out to check, but I will soon.

#4: some red and turquoise 4 patches in process. I used a few for leaders and enders, though I have enough leaders and enders to see me through nearly an eternity of projects.

#5:  those octagons are still taking up a lot of space. As you might remember, I decided I would start with the top row and sew all of the octagons in each of those colors. The goal was to get the small triangles sewn to the octagons, so the next step would be to make the blocks with a variety of colors. My idea was that once the stack on my sewing table had been sewn, I would take the octagon off the design wall and sew that, thus reducing the space being hogged on my design wall. It didn’t work. It didn’t work because partway through my grand plan I have enough blocks to make a BIG quilt and many more octagons. I have to mull over ideas, which includes putting octagons in the scrap bin or making journal covers out of them. I have a border idea that will use a bunch more so we’ll just have to see.

#6: this group of FOTY 2014 patches has also been up there a long time. I started in on the big pile of fabric that I talked about last time, finally, and made a group of patches. It is not enough yet for a full post, but I am getting there. One problem is that it was a load of neutrals and those are very depressing to press one after another. It has to be done, so after the Band Review Saturday (4:30 am start) I was too tired to sew and pressing seemed the thing.

#7: the block is still on the design wall. As I said before, I made the 9 patch, but the Young Man sewed the button to the middle in Cub Scouts as part of a rank advancement, I think. Every time I look at it a flood of emotions hits me:

  • Why doesn’t Boy Scouts have a sewing merit badge?
  • Wishes that I had sewed more with the boy when he was small and somewhat interested.

I am still trying to think of a project in which to include it.

#8: that little Art Deco-esque flower is from one of the first swaps or challenges put on by BAMQ. I thought I would use that flower as the center of something and haven’t yet gotten to it.

#9: those are some of my favorite ATCs. I keep them near my sewing machine so I can be reminded to be creative.

#10: (far left) those are finished ATCs that I have swapped with other CQFAers. I put them in those plastic name badge holders people get at conferences and hang them up. I really need a clothesline or something, but have never gotten around to it.

#11: Paper pieced Mariner’s Compass made in a Barbara Barber class. I intend to finish it. I even still have the pieces, the pattern and the directions. I suppose it should go on my To Do List.

What is on your Design Wall?


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