Disappearing Four Patch

Pre-DP4P Blocks
Pre-DP4P Blocks

I made some blocks for a Disappearing Four Patch quilt that Daisy made for Terje. Terje’s family is going through a really tough time and then Terje injured her foot. So unfair, but a very good opportunity for a quilt.

It is fun to make a few blocks, especially easy ones that I can use to play with color and fabric, then send them off to see what they become. I used the Flower Sugar fabric from Lecien. I still have a lot of it, not all, but enough, left and it is cheerful. I made three blocks. In the photo below, I can see one of them in the 2d row, 1st position on the left and another one in the bottom row in the second position on the left.

Terje's Disappearing Four Patch
Terje’s Disappearing Four Patch

I think there might also be one in the 4th row, last position, but it is hard to tell. Perhaps you can see them.

Regardless of where my blocks ended up, it is a cheerful quilt. I am always amazed at the choices people make when given a specific request. I don’t remember the request particularly, but it was definitely for cheerful fabric. It is fun to see the interpretations and wonder about their influences.