Blue and White for Daisy

Daisy's Comfort Quilt
Daisy’s Comfort Quilt

Recently, our Twilter friend Daisy started going through a rough patch. She is so good about making up quilts for people in need, such as the Scrapitude quilt she made for Frances, that we all heeded the call from Weezy (have you listened to her podcast?) for blocks and fabric. It took me a few days to get to making the blocks, but I did and I am glad.

You can see my Harry Potter trying to find the Snitch block in the top row along the center. One of my blocks is on the back as well.

Weezy did the heavy lifting on this quilt and she did a great job.

Daisy quilt back
Daisy quilt back

Daisy received the quilt on Saturday and was thrilled. I was very glad it was well received.