BAMQG Sew Day – September

Right after CQFA, I hot-footed it, with Gerre, to the BAMQG Sew Day. It wasn’t packed, but we had to set up new tables when we arrived so we could work. It was a kind of a holiday prep day with demos on small gifts to make for the all-too-quick-approaching holiday season. I was there for the pencil case and grocery bag demos.

The pencil case is one that, using elastic, is slipped over the cover of a journal. It can also be used as a bookmark. I really liked the idea and Jolene’s way of making it.

Kelly did the demo for the grocery bags and they were like the shape of the plastic grocery bags. It has curvilinear shaped handles, which is a nice difference to some other bag patterns I have seen.

Gerre's Log Cabin
Gerre’s Log Cabin

Gerre brought a piece to work on, but ended up thinking more about the quilting than anything else. It is a great piece and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Angela brought her opportunity quilt materials and Ruth provided input on making up the blocks. It was good to see what Angela was doing and hear what Ruth was saying about her vision of the quilt. I had a kit and the discussing inspired me to get busy on my block.

I sat, mostly, and finished up the binding on the Wonky 9 Patch.The binding seemed to take me a long time and I became determined to finish it.

Once I was finished, I worked a bit on the Serendipity Lady. I was only able to add a few pieces to that piece and have decided to approach it a little differently. Look for more on that in an upcoming post.

Diana's Piece
Diana’s Piece

I put my two cents in when Diana was trying to figure out what to do with her piece.

She had a limited amount of fabric and was able to make the pennant banners in the picture. There wasn’t enough to make a whole quilt so she got the blue solid and was trying to figure out a layout for the pennants. We laid out the banners a little differently than one would first consider. That brought up assembly issues, so we talked about applique’ and other options that might allow her to put this quilt together.

It was a long day, but it was also great to see friends and engage in quiltmaking.