Creative Prompt #281: Island

Tropical island

Island is a novel trilogy by Canadian author Gordon Korman. The books are set in contemporary times and designed for young teenagers.

Definition: “An island /?a?l?nd/ or isle /?a?l/ is any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Very small islands such as emergent land features on atolls can be called islets, skerries, cays or keys. An island in a river or a lake island may be called an eyot or ait, or a holm. A grouping of geographically or geologically related islands is called an archipelago, e.g. the Philippines.

An island may be described as such despite the presence of an artificial land bridge, for example Singapore and its causeway, or the various Dutch delta islands, such as IJsselmonde. Some places may even retain “island” in their names for historical reasons after being connected to a larger landmass by a wide land bridge, such as Coney Island or Coronado Island. Conversely, when a piece of land is separated from the mainland by a man-made canal, for example the Peloponnese by the Corinth Canal, it is generally not considered an island.

There are two main types of islands: continental islands and oceanic islands. There are also artificial islands.” (Wikipedia)

Angel Island State Park, the largest island in the San Francisco Bay offers some of the best views of the surrounding Bay Area.

The Big Island

Ellis Island

Copenhagen Island Hotel

Trooper Island Camp was developed by the Kentucky State Police as part of a long range program of public service to the youth of Kentucky

Hog Island Oyster Co.

Catalina Island

Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery

No Man Is an Island is an expression emphasizing a person’s connections to his or her surroundings. It can also refer to:

Mercer Island Books

Prince Edward Island

Earth Island Institute organizes and encourages activism around environmental issues and provides public education.

Jungle Island is an interactive zoological park where you can meet some of nature’s most amazing creatures.

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Macinaw Island

Staten Island Ferry

The Island (2005 movie)


Easter Island

desert island


Gilligan’s Island

Treasure Island


stranded on a desert island

Island Chase Subtraction is a multi-player racing game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race one another while practicing their subtraction facts

Greek islands


Virgin Islands


Coney Island

In his last major work, the Island, the evils that Aldous Huxley has been warning us about in his earlier works – over-population, coercive politics, militarism, mechanization, the destruction of the environment and the worship of science will find their opposites in the gentle and doomed Utopia of Pala. (Woodcock,18)

the Farallons


continental islands

Island County, Washington

CSU Channel Islands

Fashion Island, Newport Beach


Coronado Island

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