Design Wall Monday

Design Wall Monday 11/10/2014
Design Wall Monday 11/10/2014

It seems a little odd to keep posting these photos of what looks like the same design wall week after week. Still there is some difference. You can see the blocks I am making for the project TFQ and I are working on.

The octagons are still there, because I am still stuck on the Russian Rubix border. I got a little push in the right direction, but I just I haven’t had a chance to do any sewing. I will be really happy when I have a chance to finish the border so I can get the octagons off my wall and put something else up there.

1- As in the previous week, these are the pieces and parts for red and turquoise four patches. Ir eally need to find some more turquoise fabrics.

2- These patches are the start of the newest batch of FOTY 2014 rectangles.

3- Octagons from the Russian Rubix quilt top.

4- Finished red and turquoise four patches

5- Donation blocks, mostly finished, but one in process

6- PIQF Inspiration blocks in process

7- PIQF Inspiration blocks in in cutting stage

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  1. I love your design wall! I need one.
    Russian Rubix on my end is next up the queue. 🙂 I did a little miscellaneous sewing over the weekend and now it’s time to work on a quilt.

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