Another Cafe Apron

I can probably classify this as a hack. Really, I don’t know about the hack thing, because I made the apron without the Amanda 7 Pocket Cafe Apron pattern.

ARHS Grooming Apron
ARHS Grooming Apron

I couldn’t find the pattern and, after cleaning my workroom, I called my mom and had her measure the apron I made for her. I looked at the previous blog posts and went for it. I had to kind of make up the pockets, but I think it will work well.

A few months ago, I volunteered at the Young Man’s Band Review. I was assigned to the grooming team, which means that I followed the head of the grooming team around and carried stuff she needed to fix buttons, cut hair, adjust hems and jackets. At that time I thought it would be really useful to have an apron.

I finally had a chance to make one and it took me about three to four hours. The hardest part was pressing the seams. I really dislike that part, because I can never get the seams as flat as I want them.

I have to say that I enjoyed making this apron a lot more without the pattern than I did before. I think the problem with the pattern’s printing/font size was too small.

Regardless, I think the apron came out really well and I hope it will be useful.

ARHS Apron Flat
ARHS Apron Flat

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2 thoughts on “Another Cafe Apron”

  1. Our band chaperones have aprons similar to these, but just have one large pocket divided into 3. I would love to add the smaller pockets to the front for my comb and hairspray. I am always fumbling trying to remember which pocket I dropped them into.
    I will just have to make my own. I am taking over the lead uniform mom position next year. AAAAH! Got to be prepared! LOL

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