Finished: Hawaiian Donation Quilt

BAMQG Hawaiian Quilt (front) by Gerre & Jaye
BAMQG Hawaiian Quilt (front) by Gerre & Jaye

We are embroiled in college business/drama/selection. Of course, I have other stuff going on as well, but the college stuff seems to be dominating at the moment. This means that my quilt work is suffering and, particularly, my donation and charity projects.

I finally did spend some time a week or so ago finishing this Hawaiian quilt for BAMQG. You might remember that Gerre and I worked on it at a Sew Day recently.

I blather on about testing new techniques and practicing skills on donation quilts then I never do it. I tried something new on this quilt. I tested out applying a binding by machine on both sides. My first effort resulting in me ripping out 3-4′, but I persevered and the quilt is bound by machine.

I made sure that Gerre and Angela were both ok with me doing the machine binding. It requires some more experimentation on my part, but I am pleased with my first effort.

BAMQG Hawaiian Quilt by Gerre & Jaye
BAMQG Hawaiian Quilt by Gerre & Jaye

None of the fabrics were my choices, but I like the brightness against the black and especially think the back came out well.

As usual, I am really happy to help the guild. As usual, the Young Man worked hard as my quilt hanger.

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