New View of ATCs

Strip ATCs
Strip ATCs

I did finally do the prep I had been intending to do to make ATCs. I cut two pieces of fabrics about 14″ x 12.5″. I marked the bottom layer of the ATC fabric into ATC sizes.  I also cut some layers of Pellon for the middle. Then I sewed along the grid. I cut off 4 ATCs and began to decorate them.

Finished ATCs
Finished ATCs

I did the sewing in the strip format. Later I hand sewed some stitches using Aurifil embroidery thread before I cut them apart.

I ran into some problems which I can fix when I cut the next strips off. I have a label that I put onto each ATC. I sewed around the whole ATC before I put the label on and that meant that the stitching around the label showed up through to the front. I think that it limits my design ability. I limited that problem by using matching thread and I don’t think the extra stitching shows up on the front.

I won’t design them all at once. I’ll do a few at a time, but I have the basics done.

I am glad I finally got to work prepping ATCs for the next several swaps. I am also glad that I learned something about preparing ATCs in this manner.

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