Peacocks Moving Forward

Peacock Panel
Peacock Panel

The picture (left) looks like the others I posted, but it is an actual panel that showed up at my house.

I received the panels for the Peacock One Block Wonder. I know I said last time that I bought the panels from Miller’s Dry Goods and I was waiting for them. They came quickly and I am ready to wash and start the project. I have to clear up some others first.

I saw a number of One Block Wonders at the Fair last weekend. In the midst of life, I volunteered (it was too much effort to try and get a replacement and nothing family oriented was happening, so I went) to sell tickets for the BAMQG Opportunity quilt at the Fair. It got me in for free, so I had a half an hour of quilt viewing as well.

Anyway, I saw a number of One Block Wonders at the Fair and was slightly horrified at what I had gotten myself into. I didn’t like what they had done, mostly, which made me question myself. I had to reel myself in and remind myself of Pam’s version and stay the course.

It just occurred to me that I am pushing my comfort level with this project which is what all the back and forth and drama is about.


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7 thoughts on “Peacocks Moving Forward”

  1. I have the panel and a yard of stripe and two yards of ombre to go with it. I don’t think I want to do the one block wonder… I haven’t seen any finished ones that appeal. AND I don’t want to buy 5 or 6 panels. So I will see what other thing I can do with this luscious fabric.


  2. It reminds me of the Hoffman challenge fabric I have. One big ol’ peacock panel and a few coordinating pieces from gads, 2008? I’ve been watching to see what you end up doing with this. Of course the colors are gorgeous. The prettier the fabric the more intimidating to me. I don’t want to make a mistake or not do justice to the beauty of the designer. But if I don’t do something with it, then it is just laying there, hidden away in a box. I admire you for challenging yourself!

    1. Your comment scares me!!! I hope I can do the piece justice!

      I am now a firm believer in using favorite fabrics. I used some beige on the back of Thoughts on Dots and regret it every time the quilt gets flipped to the back. Use your favorite fabrics!!!

  3. It’s so good for you to push your comfort levels, but doing things that are good for you aren’t always pleasant – like going for a run! So I’m looking forward to seeing how you progress with it. Things that are past my comfort level often get added to the ufo pile, which doesn’t help me grow.

    1. This is a really interesting way of looking at this project and I appreciate you bringing it up! I didn’t think of it as pushing my comfort levels, but I think you are right. I will get started on it. I just want to clear some space on my design wall first.

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