I am a Tuffeteer!

Completed Tuffet
Completed Tuffet

Yes, I finished my Tuffet in class on Thursday. I can now call myself a Tuffeteer. It is awesome and I love it. There were squeals of delight in the class as people finished. Mostly I am not a squeal in delight kind of person, but these Tuffets inspire squeals of delight.

Everyone really liked the way mine came out except the Young Man, but he has little no sense of cheerfulness in fabric.

I intended to make this a super long post telling you all about finishing the tuffet, but I will save that for another post. This post will just be about sharing the delight!

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    1. The Tuffet is 63″ around the base and about 1.5′ high. It is basically a footstool or small stool. The one lady came in, finished her tuffet and left without really talking to us. I think you are a bit more social than that.

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