Year of the Dragon

Full dragon
Full dragon

Earlier this year we went, again, to the North Coast. While there, we visited a restaurant called the Lost Coast Brewery. It had excellent food, including a gluten free menu. There was a bit of a hippie feel to it and part of that was the decoration. They had some kind of sculptural device that moved and bobbed when the door opened. Periodically, other things would move and I got the sense of fun and entertainment — like a carnival show. Along with the food and being on a date with my husband, it was fantastic.

One thing they had on the wall was a dragon banner. I was born at the very end of the Year of the Dragon and it is a powerful symbol in Chinese astrology. I sometimes need power, so I embrace it on occasion.

I have been looking for the right kind of dragon imagery, which is difficult. I wanted the right kind of proportions and not too much cartoon. I like the dragon in Sleeping Beauty, but there are parts of it I don’t like. The jaw is too large, the wings too small. Some of the traditional Chinese dragons are just too….something. I need to start somewhere and create my own image that works for me.

I found that the banner in the Lost Coast Brewery was one I could use to make my own. I don’t know what I will make – possibly a banner. Not a quilt, I don’t think. definitely a large applique with embroidery. I really am longing to do some embroidery on a piece like Beach Town or the Flower Garden. I thought about the Tarts Come to Tea this weekend and doing embroidery on that piece, which is still half quilted. The Serendipity Lady also has potential for a bit of embroidery. I don’t know how smart it is to line up several projects that need embroidery, but we will see.

Dragon detail
Dragon detail

Anyway, this dragon is a good start. I will need to adjust the size of the head, wings and feet, but the shape is a good one.

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7 thoughts on “Year of the Dragon”

  1. Our young man was also born in the year of a Dragon. The Mister and I met as dragon avatars in an online chat setting. We have dragons all over the house. I agree that the oriental type dragons are not quite ‘right’ for many dragon lovers. I treasure my bits of dragon fabrics. Some are quite rare, in that they are over 14 years old.

    I look forward to seeing what you’ll do with your dragon idea!

  2. Michael Hague’s illustrations in The Hobbit might be glorious dragon inspiration, too! I’m have never looked at a dragon again without thinking the others might be amiss for me.

  3. I am just starting what I think will be a wonderful Dragon series by Naomi Novik. She wrote “Uprooted,” which has a main character called The Dragon; terrific book. Her ongoing series features Napoleonic Warfare with Dragons. I read the first chapter on-line and fell in love. The first one is “His Majesty’s Dragons.” Mom ordered me the first three books for a present; I cannot wait.

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